WE'LL INSTALL OUR AUTOMATED SALES SYSTEM IN YOUR BUSINESS SO YOU CAN get 10-20 fresh inbound leads & appointments starting now.

The CEO Freedom Accelerator™ gives you the step-by-step proven P.A.I.D. framework to dominate your industry, skyrocket your revenue, and organize your business to successfully scale...

implement the p.a.i.d framework to create predictable sales & revenue

The CEO Freedom Accelerator is the only digital coaching program that gives you a step-by-step proven path to get leads, convert sales, and organize your business so it funds your freedom.

You started your business with big dreams, belief in your vision and so you'd never have to work for someone else again...

Except you've never felt more like an employee than you do now. You're wearing all the hats, doing all the jobs, and getting a break seems like a fading dream. Your business isn't growing the way you want it to, or reaching the potential you know it has...

And you're frustrated AF about it.

Let's Get Real Here..

You want is sales, clients and money in the bank...and a life. You're determined to have both.

Some people think you're crazy, but you know there's a way to create the growth and legacy you envision, and time to enjoy the fruits of your labor too...

You started your business with a vision of the life you wanted to create...

Not dependent on someone else...

Not stuck in a paycheck determined by another...

With dreams of success and leveraged growth.


You know there are glaring holes in your business that are preventing your growth...like consistent promotion, email marketing, sales ability, and...yeah, I'm going to say it...delegating and hiring.

But you don't want to spend time "learning" just to wear another hat in your business. You want A "DONE FOR YOU" solution so you can get the growth you want now.

You’ve invested money on agencies and other programs that didn't move the needle...

You don't mind spending money to grow your business, but you want to do what works.

You've invested before, but you don't have a winning plan that works -- yet.

That's left you flip-flopping around on what's most important, and you spend hours trying to DIY it, only to feel drained and disappointed in the wasted time and effort. Like putting on a bandaid, it’s not going to make things better. It’s a temporary fix to a bigger problem.

You Need a System to Bring In High-Quality Leads and Turn Them Into Buyers

Rinse and Repeat.

You're tired of feeling frustrated with no solution because you know you're a leader, you're capable, you've got what it takes to dominate in your industry.

You're ready for the breakthrough that's going to take your business to the next milestone.

But you're also a bit skeptical about what it's going to be or take to get there.

You'd never admit it, but you've secretly thought...

“Is it worth it... ?”

“Is it me... ?”

“Is the sacrifice too much... ?”

"It can't be THIS difficult..."

Let's just address the real causes of your stagnating, frustrating, growth, shall we?


When people find you on social media or online, do you look like the best in your industry? Is your brand imagery and messaging consistent, clear and connecting?

If not, you might seem sketchy to a potential customer, like the back-alley guy selling knock off purses. Your digital brand is the foundation of everything you'll do online to get known, create interest, and demonstrate your expertise. All that adds up to trust and trust leads to sales.

If you don't have a Brand Strategy that positions you as the BEST and plans to dominate your space...you're still rocking it out in the 80s hoping someone's Aunt Sally is going to recommend you. (#nothappening)

(Up-leveling your brand can transform your business overnight and create that "WOW" attraction factor you've been looking for.)


The value of every business lies in the past sales, current activity and future potential of it's database. If you don't use a CRM (customer relationship manager), your business is losing potential revenue.

A lot of businesses are hacked together tech-messes of systems they underutilize or ignore altogether. Worse, they don't have a customer journey defined that is supported by automations and tech to create more sales.

Creating the digital structure for your lead generation, customer acquisition, and nurture campaigns is critical to your success. Without it, your business is a leaky bucket and you're not maximizing the income potential of your leads, contacts or customers. Worse, you're hemorrhaging potential income.
(aka: working too hard for too little)

(We get it. Tech isn't your thing. Doesn't matter - we live in the digital age and without it you won't be able to compete or attract business to scale. #hardfacts)


The greatest resource for any business is attention...and we're all vying for it. To make sales, you need leads. To get leads, you need interest. To get interest, you need to promote and get attention from people likely to buy your products.

However, if you're inconsistent with your promotion and marketing...
or it's non-existent, you're losing money...by the minute!

And, you're also feeding your competitors sales pipeline, because if you're potential customers aren't looking at you, they ARE looking at them. (#truthbomb)

(I know...you don't want to dance in TikTok videos. You don't have to. You can create incredible amounts of promotion with AI and outsourced help to scale your business quickly.)

Let's Scale

The Only Hustle-Free Program That Puts a Proven Automated Sales System into Your Business, giving you 10-20 Fresh, Quality Leads Daily and Appointments on Auto-Pilot...so you can 3X - 5X Your Sales in
90 Days or Less.

Perfect for the entrepreneur who results NOW without long-hours or more work.


  • A system that captures, nurtures and converts fresh leads daily?

  • Confidence that the time you're putting in will get you the results you want?

  • Digital systems that bring in sales?

  • Confidence your business is structured to rapidly scale and deliver?

  • Organization and systems that take your squirrelly business and put it in order?

  • Offers that people practically throw money at you to buy?

  • Marketing that doesn't land with the crickets and brings you actual money in the bank?

  • A team of knowledgable experts you can get instant answers and direction from?

  • A business that runs without you so you can live the life you want to live?




Our team installs our Automated Sales System into your business, giving you the advantage of the P.A.I.D. framework to drive in sales and puts you in the CEO Driver Seat, Creating a Scaling Business that Funds Your Freedom.


No need for endless hours of mindless "study". Our online membership area is the ULTIMATE RESOURCE for whatever you or your team needs. Our coaches will expertly direct you on what you should focus on AND what resources will help you do it faster.

It would cost you thousands to hire consultants & coaches (like I did) to help you develop the structure, processes, and systems to scale your business and free you from the "busywork". Not to mention two decades of experience.

Now, you can just duplicate our honed + perfected business systems and sales methods into your custom strategy and experience the success without the stress.


  • Our team installs our Automated Sales System into your business.

  • CEO Freedom Accelerator Fast Results Weekly Coaching

  • Two One-On-One Strategy Sessions with our Lead Strategist

  • Brand overhaul.

  • One Perfect Your Close Coaching Session with our Sales Mastery Coach

  • Two one-on-one personal tech set-up sessions with our Tech Team

  • 1 Clarity Coaching Session with our Clarity Coach to Perfect Your Offer PLUS

  • Weekly Accountability Group Sessions to Keep You on Track with Implementation

  • Tech Office Hours for Technical Support

  • Text and Email Support for Answers When You Need Them


  • CEO Mindset + Manifestation System

  • BrandBuilderAI CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) Set-Up

  • Master Work/Life Balance Productivity System

  • Project Management + Operations

  • Standard Operational Procedure Development Process (SOPs)

  • Daily Method of Operation + Activity Tracking


  • Brand Development + Positioning

  • The Perfect Ideal Customer Identifier + Connection Process

  • Organic Client Attraction Strategy + Sales Process

  • Social Media Training, Templates, Planning and Psychology

  • Funnel & Sales Map

  • Marketing Strategy and Plan

  • Short, Actionable Tutorials on Social Media Platforms

  • Content Creation with ChatGPT

  • Facebook/Instagram Ads Course

  • Google Business Profile Set-Up and Automation


  • BrandBuilderAI CRM Set-Up For Your Business

  • Time-saving automations for repetitive communication

  • Automated Sales Pipeline

  • Auto-text back for Google My Business, Instagram and Facebook Business Messenger

  • Shopping Cart Payment Automations + Digital Product Delivery

  • Funnel & Sales Automation Map

  • Nurture Campaign Automation


  • Influence Psychology for Sales Conversions

  • 1:1 Offer Perfecting with our Clarity Coach

  • 1:1 Sales Conversation & Closing Coaching

  • Consultative Selling Training with Scripts

  • Sales Tracking & Analysis

  • Influence with Email & Text Marketing

  • Confidence in The Sales Process & Ability


  • Create a Company Structure and Hiring Plan

  • Get our Hiring Process, Ads and Interview Questions

  • Hiring and Managing Virtual Help

  • Delegation Planner & SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) Map

  • Confidence in Your Ability to Hire, Train and Retain Your Virtual and On-Site Staff


  • Unlimited Access to the Member's Exclusive Facebook Group

  • Member Only Networking Opportunities

  • Community Support From Our Amazing Group Manager

  • Unlimited Email Support

  • Collaboration with Other Goal Focused Entrepreneurs

  • Lifetime Access to the Course Membership Area

Let Shannon, John and Our Team of Experienced CEO Freedom Coaches Guide You In Scaling Your Business & Ditching the Hustle.

This is a Group Program, so we only work with highly motivated entrepreneurs who are committed to high-level results. Book your onboarding call today to get started!

Leah Just Made An Extra $14,000 This Week and

Her Business Is Growing With Less Effort.



She's the creator of the CEO Freedom Accelerator and a master at laying out your strategy so you get fast results without the hustle. With 19 years of proven results in online business, she knows what works.


Author of Integrity is Everything and host of the JL Success Mastermind, John is our mindset, productivity, and closing coach. With over $100,000,000 in online sales under his belt, he knows how to get more done in less time and laser target on a goal. He will be meeting with you to dial in your goal and gain focus on it's achievement.


She's our clarity and accountability coach. You'll meet with Nicolette to gain clarity on your ideal customer and she'll hold you accountable each week to ensure you hit your goals quickly!


Shara Gauthier is our resident technical expert, providing our members with hands-on support in their BrandBuilderAI system set-up.

Karla Stopped Being The Roadblock In Her Business &

Made $137,000 In November While Spending 3 Weeks On Safari In Africa!

Adrienne Zeroed In On Her Vision & Hit Six Figures

Experience For Yourself Why Our CLIENTS GET EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS and Become RAVING FANS of This Program...

Hi! We're John and Shannon Lavenia.

We started our business 19 years go to break out of the corporate world and live a life with freedom, intention, and impact. There's a few pics of our family - we're happiest when we're together, exploring on some adventure, living life fully.

Now, 19 years later, we have a successful agency - Brand Builder Design Studios - coaching practice, membership program, and courses. John's book, Integrity is Everything, has been met with glowing reviews and we've spoken on stages around the world, helping thousands of entrepreneurs.

Recently, life threw us a curve ball when I (Shannon) was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. I fought for 18 long months, with the amazing support of my family, and kicked cancer's ass not because I wanted to work more, work harder, or stress about business. I fought to have camping weekends, trips to the Redwood forest, Rummikub nights, and a life of adventure and fun.

My husband John and I automated our entire business and ditched the #hustlehabit, instead we work smarter with systems and our business scaled 3X without our day to day attention.

You can have a high six & seven figure business without the constant hustle by working smarter, not harder.

We’re so passionate about helping others realize their purpose driven goals and doing it while they have the freedom to live their lives, be present with their families, check items off their bucket lists and serve their clients in profound ways.

We created the CEO Freedom Accelerator to GIVE you everything you need to have an organized business that brings in clients, delivers your amazing products, and is a profit-producing, freedom-funding, growth machine.

It took us a lot of trial and error, but we put a structure in our business that freed us from the day-to-day. Now our agency and coaching business have processes that automate pretty much everything...

• Content Creation

• FB Advertising

• Organic Outreach

• Funnel Creation

• Product Delivery

• Client Attraction + Attainment

• Client Services

• Coaching

• Bookings & More

We've spent the last 5 years teaching other entrepreneurs how to create high 5 & 6 figure months by:

• Organizing

• Automating

• Outsourcing

• Relaxing

We're ready to help you create the business you desire without the daily hustle and grind, so you can achieve your goals + live an amazing life.

Jessica Doubled Her Income and Quit Her Corporate Job

Heather Gained Clients, Got a Book Deal, and Had Her Biggest Months Ever, All While Homeschooling Her Kids and Caring For Her Husband

Jaime Got a Clear Plan of Action and Knocked out a $24K Launch


This is not another "course" you'll go through alone, only to be left with no way to apply it or get results.

Quite the opposite. This is a 4-Month Show-and-Tell, Instant Implement, Full Support Coaching Program with Accountability, Tech Support, and "Put-to-Work" Processes That Installs a Growth-Inducing Structure, Doable Profit-Focused Action Plan, Automated Lead Generation, and Support Team Into Your Business, Freeing You From the Heavy Lifting and Into the Creating.

See Inside of Our 7-Figure Business and Copy the Automation + Growth Processes We Use to Generate Sales and Income on Auto-Pilot!

  • Fast Action CEO Freedom Framework Implementation

  • 4 Months On-going Coaching + Support

  • Personalized Fast Results Strategy and Step-by-Step Plan for Your Business

  • Weekly Live Group Coaching + Integration Sessions

  • 2 One-on-one Strategy Mapping Sessions with Shannon

  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions with John & Shannon

  • Close Your Sales Coaching with John

  • Fast Action Implementation Coaching with Nicolette

  • Weekly Tech Implementation Coaching with Colleen

  • Automation Tools That Are Easy + Quick to Implement

  • BrandBuilderAI Account Set-Up and Templates

  • 30+ Get-It-Done Implementation Checklists for Social Media, Sales, Client On-boarding, Virtual Assistant Hiring + Onboarding, Website Creation, Email Marketing, and more

  • SOPS for Hiring, Agencies, Social Media, Customer Onboarding and More!

  • A Fully Keyword Searchable Hub with Video Training for instant access to the help and training you need most.

  • Easy to Copy Email Copy and Social Media Posts to Engage + Convert Your Audience

  • 11 Juicy Bonuses

  • Private Member's Only Facebook Group

  • Access to Our Vast Network of Providers, Advertisers, and Experts

  • Lifetime Access to the Membership Area with All Recordings, Standard Operating Procedures, Checklists, Resources, Etc.

Here's What Freedom Looks Like. What's on the Other Side of "I'm In"...


Ego Figured Out Her Niche + Landed a 5-Figure Client

After years of trying to get people to notice her business, Julie followed the CEO Freedom Accelerator Promotion Plan and Got These Results

Shannon Lavenia isn't just a great "marketer", but a super savvy money maker who knows how to set people up for success! She's a smart and caring business leader who takes care of her tribe. I'm grateful to be part of it!

- Jennifer Lehner, Digital Marketing Strategist

Shannon cuts through all the BS out there regarding online marketing and gives you exactly what you need to know to get results with your business. I highly recommend her courses to anyone who wants to grow their online presence and successfully grow their business.

-Laura Sales, Founder of 3xwomen.com.

Shannon Lavenia isn't just a great "marketer", but a super savvy money maker who knows how to set people up for success! She's a smart and caring business leader who takes care of her tribe. I'm grateful to be part of it!

- Jennifer Lehner, Digital Marketing Strategist

Shannon cuts through all the BS out there regarding online marketing and gives you exactly what you need to know to get results with your business. I highly recommend her courses to anyone who wants to grow their online presence and successfully grow their business.

-Laura Sales, Founder of 3xwomen.com.




Get bonus training from our network of expert coaches and trainers to help you expand and create a legacy business with an epic impact.

BONUS: Legacy Wealth Creation with Elizabeth Sinclair ($997 Value)

BONUS: Profit First Financial Management Expert Session ($497 Value)

BONUS: Build An Obsession Worthy Brand Membership Access($997 Value)

BONUS: Facebook Ads Training with 7-Figure Launch Expert Michelle Bridger ($497 Value)

BONUS: On-Camera Confidence With Beauty Expert Laura Steed ($197 Value)

BONUS: Brand Me Beautiful Pack Pre-Designed Logo + Brand Board Templates($297 Value)

BONUS: Get Featured PR Training & System ($497 Value)

BONUS: Facebook CRM + Sales Pipelines Training ($497 Value)

BONUS: Automate Your Organic Sales System ($997 Value)

BONUS: Supplier, Tool, and Service Master Directory ($97 Value)

BONUS: Inclusion in the Exclusive Member's Directory ($997 Value)

Wake Up Inspired. Go to Bed Fulfilled.

With The P.A.I.D. Framework, Our Expert Coaching & The CEO Freedom Systems In Place To Get It Done, You'll Be Back To Doing Things With Purpose, Making An Inspiring Impact, and Having the Confidence You're On the Right Path, Reaching Your Business Goals.

A hands-on coaching program that is the ultimate shortcut to ditching overwhelm, frustration, and all the guess-work.

Get the P.A.I.D. Framework, and in live coaching sessions with John & Shannon and their team of coaches, implement it into your business so you are working smarter, not harder and finally getting the results you aspire to.

Yes, you'll get a proven sales funnel, email copy, social media post templates, standard operating procedures, hiring checklists, business organization templates and all the wizardry you need to stop grinding and actually enjoy your business!

More long-winded tutorial videos that leave you wanting to break your screen, chow-down on some Chunky-Monkey and say "f*ck this" to your business.

We're not leading you into the forest to try and figure it out on your own. This is about you firmly planting yourself as the CEO, using what already works, and delivering your gifts to the world....in abundance (oh, and having a sh*t ton of fun doing it!)

More long-winded tutorial videos that leave you wanting to break your screen, chow-down on some Chunky-Monkey and say "f*ck this" to your business.

We're not telling you to go learn new tech, build a website, or any other mind-numbing BS that takes you out of your zone of genius. This is about you firmly planting yourself as the CEO, using what already works, and delivering your gifts to the world....in abundance (oh, and having a sh*t ton of fun doing it!)

Instead of doing "busy-work", you'll be free to brainstorm, plan and create your next BIG offer making an impact in even more lives.







Laquita (The Motivational Maven) Stopped Spinning Her Wheels,

Went From 300 Subscribers To 1300 & Onboarded Clients

In Her Business.

Holly Keeps Coming Back Because... IT WORKS!

You're Moments Away From Leaving The Struggle In The Dust And Stepping Into An Organized, Systemized, Easy-Flowing Business with A Step-By-Step Strategy To Hit Your Highest Income Every,

All While Enjoying Your Best Life...

(Or You Could Just Keep Keeping On!)


  • Service Based Businesses

  • Consultants & Coaches

  • Authors & Speakers

  • Local Businesses

  • Construction + Remodeling

  • Med Spas & High End Beauty Services

  • Agencies & Brands

  • Creatives

  • Ad Managers/Media Managers

  • PR Experts

  • Product Experts

  • Accountants & Bookkeepers

  • Real Estate Professionals

  • Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

I feel like I'm all over the place. Will this help me define a strategy I can follow to get more clients/customers?

Yes! We developed the P.A.I.D. Framework after working with thousands of business owners and identifying the 4 main areas of breakdown. Rather than just trying to fix one thing, only to realize it's a band-aid, we've created a comprehensive framework that handles all four areas to create predictable, reliable growth with less effort.

I really despise social media but know I should do more of it. Will this help me?

Personally, we think social media is a giant time suck. HOWEVER...it's where our ideal customers are so it's where I need to be. We have automated the entire process so a VA can do it for you, saving you hours of work each week. We'll be giving you this process and help you implement it so you can get out of posting, commenting and scrolling and into the visionary work.

My business is already making six figures and my goal is to pass the 7-figure mark. Will this help me get there?

We know the feeling. We waited far too long to hire and it cost us a lot of lost revenue, exhaustion, and frustration. Over the years, we've mastered the art of finding qualified people who do great work at a fair wage. We'll give you the hiring processes we use to onboard amazing outsourcers that keep our business growing and give us more freedom.

I know I can't do everything myself but I'm terrified of hiring people. What if I have a bad hire?

When we do your strategy session, we'll identify exactly what it will take for you to scale and hit your goal numbers. You will 100% need to have an organized streamlined business and offers that convert to get to that number, and that's what we'll help you do.

I need to find people interested in my products. Will this help me?

Yes. We have promotion and sales processes in place to help you get the clients and sales you need to have a profitable, thriving business. You'll learn how to implement attraction marketing to bring clients to you and also how to use ChatGPT and AI to make these actions highly efficient and effective.

I really suck at tech and don't want to spend hours doing it myself. Will this program work for me?

We get you. We've identified tech overwhelm and confusion as a primary barrier to entrepreneurs launching and scaling. We have a tech coach available to help you during a weekly call so you can implement the tools and systems you need for marketing, sales, and scaling. We also give you organic methods of marketing that do not require a lot of tech set-up and templates you can use to save time.

I really need help with learning how to do sales. I avoid it. Will this help me?

Yes. You'll get a one-on-one coaching session with John Lavenia and additional support weekly on our coaching calls. We also have a unit in the online member's area with direction specifically on sales mastery.

I sometimes struggle with my own mindset as the leader of my company. Will this help me?

Yes. While this is an implementation program, none of it would be possible without developing the mindset of a visionary leader that IS creating the organization and driving growth. We have woven in a substantial amount of mindset and accountability into the program to empower you for long-term, sustainable improvement.


You already have what it takes to win. Your education and income set you apart. You’re a professional that gets things done.

And you don’t want to waste any time. Which is why if you’re at the end of this page then *something* that we’ve said has resonated with you. Before you hit that back button and do nothing achieving the same results, and in the same place of hustle and grind,

make a final investment today in yourself -- one that actually takes you where you want to go and moves the needle forward. Because we know that your business isn't in the place that you want it to be. But all that changes now.

What you're committing to this program is an investment in yourself and your results. That's nothing compared to the stress and wasted time going nowhere is getting you — not to mention the disservice to all the customers who genuinely need your products and services but won’t take action because you’re not visible and they can’t find you.

Bottom line:

You’re not reaching your fullest potential because your focus is in the wrong place. Sales aren’t consistently coming in, and 9 times out of 10, it’s a problem with your marketing, systems, and process. But we can fix that, fast.

So let us ask you something before we depart and go our separate ways:

If you only got the one resource that takes you to the finish line faster, would it be worth this small investment?

If you said 'YES' Click below to get started now!!!

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